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Case Examples of Past Work

Client: Paving Company

Project Objective: Train the CFO to perform role more effectively and efficiently

Street Pavement

Key Deliverables:

  • Established understanding of financial statements and how to use them as a strategic tool

  • Established understanding on what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are, how to use them, develop and manage KPIs for the business

  • Established understanding on the types of financing options available, the purpose for each, how to access them, and successfully present the proposal

Client: Oil and Gas Software Company

Project Objective: Develop a market entry plan for the US to allow the Company to determine if increasing US sales is the direction the Company wants to pursue

Code on Laptop Computer

Key Deliverables:

  • Conducted market research of the US market

  • Conducted competitor analysis

  • Determined market potential

  • Recommended market entry strategy and regional focus

  • Recommended strategic positioning

  • Identified potential partners and customers in the US market

Client: Manufacturer

Project Objectives: Perform financial review, identify reason(s) for cashflow issues, and look for cost savings and efficiencies

Laser Cutting

Key Deliverables:

  • Established understanding of the business and the key areas in order to conduct financial assessment

  • Conducted financial assessment

  • Identified the cashflow issues and provided solutions on how to remedy it

  • Recommended strategies to increase efficiency and reduce costs, while not compromising on quality or service

Client: Custom Home Builder

Project Objectives: Assess the Company and develop a strategic plan, investigate the right market and positioning for the Company, and develop a detailed action plan on how to set up operations

Wooden Home Framing

Key Deliverables:

  • Conducted an assessment of the business, its offering, its resources, and its current market and market position

  • Established the Company's vision, objectives, values, value proposition, new market segments, and new products and services; in conjunction with the President

  • Developed a strategic plan

  • Conducted a nation-wide competitor analysis

  • Researched the market and key trends

  • Investigated and researched the best geographic location to serve, based on the new market segments and objectives

  • Identified the gaps the business had and recommended ways to fill those gaps

  • Developed a 12 month plan and established key steps for setting up operations

  • Developed a sales forecast for the next 3 years

Client: Construction Company

Project Objective: Identification of key opportunities to optimise financial and operational departments

building construction

Key Deliverables:

  • Conducted interviews with key personnel in each department of the company to learn about the current situation and key issues

  • Conducted a review of the financial management

  • Reviewed all documentation, processes and procedures

  • Conducted an assessment of the operational management, both in the office and on-site

  • Established Key Performance Indictors (KPIs)

  • Provided recommendations of key opportunities to optimise the financial and operational management

  • Established a detailed action plan outlining suggested actions, timelines, and implementation 

Client: Indigenous Group of Companies

Project Objectives: Assist with the development of a strategic plan, develop criteria for investments, and provide management with tools to help make good business decisions

Native Drums

Key Deliverables:

  • Determined overall objectives and goals, in conjunction with management

  • Established criteria for evaluating investment/business opportunities

  • Evaluated current investments with the established criteria to check for fit

  • Reviewed management structure of the Group and provided recommendations on how it should be structured 

  • Established reporting processes and KPIs to improve management of the businesses and to ensure performance meets expectations

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